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Full service animal control

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Complete Animal Removal Tennessee
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Attic Restoration & Treatments

Animal Damage in Your Attic? Call Us Today For a Free Inspection

Animal Feces in Attic

Animal Feces Cleanup

Animal in attic & crawl space?

Complete Animal Removal specializes in cleaning and decontaminating attics and crawl spaces that have been damaged and infested by raccoons, skunks, opossum, bats, starlings, pigeons, squirrels, rats, mice and other birds and rodents. Even if you don’t smell a bad smell coming from the attic, it doesn’t mean it’s not contaminated or that it doesn’t have parasites. We will inspect your attic, show you photos, and let you know if attic cleanup is necessary.

Attic Restoration

Complete Attic Restoration

We specialize in animal feces cleanup

If you have animals in your attic then you also have their fecal matter, urine, and any parasites that come with them. Complete Animal Removal offers full service biohazard cleanup and disposal of contaminated insulation. The most common problems we address are cleanup after heavy rat, mice, raccoon, opossum, squirrel, bat and skunk infestations, pigeon droppings, removal of all accessible debris and fecal matter, removal of urine-soaked insulation, complete pheromone treatment to deodorize all odors. Complete Animal Removal is ecologically responsible, ensuring that only environmentally sound solutions are employed.

Crawl space restoration, repair, insulation removal

Crawl Space Restoration

Insulation & Vapor Barrier Removal and Replacement

Skunks, raccoons, opossums, rats, mice, cats and other nuisance wildlife love making crawl spaces their home. They destroy insulation, vapor barrier, a/c ductwork and much more. We remove animal feces, treat for the diseases, remove and replace all insulation and vapor barrier and fix any damaged ductwork. 

Attic Restoration

Animal Damage

Restore your attic back to its original state

Complete Animal Removal offers complete animal damage cleanup and decontamination services. This includes removal and replacement of all contaminated insulation. Insulation removal and replacement is a very common service that we offer to our customers that have had an animal in the attic area of their home. Insulation becomes contaminated with urine and fecal matter from animals that carry diseases, many of which can be transmitted to humans and pets. Raccoons, opossums, bats, birds, rats, squirrels and other animals make their way into the attic area of your home from an outside source such as an open vent or possibly a hole that has been chewed into your soffit by an animal.

Attic insulation removal service

What types of insulation do we remove?

Insulation removal and cleanup

Before any insulation is removed the attic/crawl space is treated to prevent any spores from being disturbed and becoming airborne. 

We Remove Blown-In Insulation

Our attic insulation removal service involves the use of a custom-designed, high-powered vacuum, which is connected to a very long hose. All of the dust and debris can be suctioned up safely and efficiently and collected in a large-volume filter bag, which is specifically designed to collect the insulation material. This material is then placed outside of the home. With such technology, removing blown-in insulation is a safer task.

We Remove Batt Insulation

If the attic or crawl space in your home or business has batt insulation, we can also remove this for you. This is often done by placing the insulation in contractor trash bags and manually removing it from the attic. This still requires a professional approach in order to avoid any possible dust contamination or potential health risks. Treatments are an important part of any insulation process and especially for removing batt insulation.

Safe Treatments for Disinfecting

Safe Treatments for Disinfecting

Making homes safe to live in

Attic restoration basically means restoring your attic to the good, clean condition it was in before wildlife decided to move in and make a mess of things. Animals in attics can cause the following problems:

  1. An excess of animal droppings and urine in the insulation
  2. Electrical wiring damage
  3. Air condition duct work damage
  4. Nesting material and food debris through the attic
  5. Odor problems inside the home
  6. Growth of mold on contaminated attic areas
  7. Parasites, roundworm, and other pathogens
  8. Pheromone scent that can attract new wildlife