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Pigeon Removal Services in Tennessee

Pigeon Removal

Pigeon Identification

The Rock Pigeon can vary in color. The most commonly found will be overall gray, with two black bars on each wing, and a rounded tail. The easiest way to identify a rock pigeon is its iridescent purple-green coloring around the the neck. The rock pigeons diet typically consists of seeds and fruits.

Pigeon Trappers

Problems and Damage

If pigeon nests clog any part of your home’s roof drainage system, the roof will not drain and will affect the structure. Breathing in the microorganisms in dried poops of pigeons can spread serious illness to everyone within the home or office. They are always searching for food sources and water supplies. Roost and nest to the top of the home pipe are their favorite spots to make nests.

Get rid of pigeons

Pigeons Control, Prevention and Exclusions

To keep pigeons from invading your home and get rid of pigeons, Complete Animal Removal can identify and seal up any potential entry points using heavy duty materials strong enough to withstand unwanted animals from regaining access into your home.

Bird Removal

Pigeon Removal Service

If you've found that pigeons have invaded your home, Complete Animal Removal offers professional removal assistance & pigeon control specialty. Our Wildlife Specialist are trained on pigeon behavior, and with the help of our bird one way systems we can quickly and humanely remove your unwanted pigeons.