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Bat Removal


Bats in the attic?

·     When bats give birth, their offspring are called pups.

·      The baby bats, or pups, are unable to fly for at least one to two months.

·     In Tennessee bats are protected and have a blackout period between April 15th and August 15th where we cannot remove them from a structure.

·     Removing bats from an attic or tile roof can only be completed with exclusions, valves and/or netting.

Bats diet and their role in the ecosystem

Bats diet and their role in the ecosystem

·     Bats are nocturnal and can see in the dark by using echolocation.

·     Bats native to Tennessee are insectivores eating mosquitos, beetles, moths and other flying pests.

·      Bats can eat their body weight in mosquitoes every night.

Different species of bats

Different species of bats

·     Worldwide there are over 1000 different bat species.

·     In Tennessee we have 15 resident bat species and of which only 6 are commonly found in attics.

·     The 6 species of bats commonly found in the attics are the The Little Brown Bat, Southeastern Bat, Eastern Small-footed Bat, Brazilian free-tailed bat, the Big brown bat and the Evening bat.