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Sparrow Removal in Tennessee

Sparrow nest removal

Sparrow Identification

The House Sparrow is the most common sparrow found in Tennessee, however there is a newcomer that can be found in certain parts of the state called the song sparrow. The house sparrow is a small stocky bird with streaked red to black on the back and white cheeks. The female house sparrow has a more overall brown appearance with a large eye-stripe. These sparrows can mostly be found eating grass seeds and certain insects. 

Sparrow Nest Removal

Problems and Damage

Sparrows are frequently seen around yards, mostly because there common nesting places are in or on building structures. The most common areas to find sparrows nesting are vents around the home, inside roof returns, and even trim gap. Sparrow nests should be identified and removed since they are commonly home to various parasites, as well as bed bugs, lice, and ticks. Sparrows are also known to carry diseases such as Salmonellosis, Toxoplasmosis, and Coccidiosis. However, not all sparrows carry diseases but any scratches or bites should be treated immediately by a medical professional. 

Removing Sparrow Nest

Prevention and Exclusions

To keep sparrows from invading your home, Complete Animal Removal can identify and seal up any potential entry points using heavy duty materials strong enough to withstand unwanted animals regaining access into your home. 

get rid of house sparrows

Sparrow Removal

If you've found that sparrows have invaded your home, Complete Animal Removal offers professional removal assistance. Our Wildlife specialists are trained on sparrow behavior, and with the help of our bird one way systems we can quickly and humanely remove your unwanted sparrows.