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Groundhogs Removal Service in Tennessee

Humane Groundhog Removal

How to Identify Groundhogs in Tennessee?

Groundhogs, also referred to as woodchucks are a member of the squirrel family. Their bodies are compact and chunky with a brown to gray fur. Groundhogs have curved claws, excellent for digging burrows. This strict herbivores mammal eats a variety of vegetables, when not feeding they are known to sunbathe during the warmest periods of the day. 

Groundhog burrow

What Are the Problems & Damages that Can Be Caused by Groundhogs?

Most groundhog damage is caused from their feeding habits, eating any vegetation that is close to their den sites. Groundhogs can especially be al pest for home owners who have a backyard garden as this is a prime feeding ground. In most cases groundhogs won't inhabit human dwelling areas, instead they will burrow under manmade structures. These burrows over time can cause structural issues if left unattended. Groundhogs are known to carry rabies and tularemia, as well as ticks and fleas. However, not all groundhogs carry diseases but any scratches or bites should be treated immediately by a medical professional. 

How to Get Rid of Groundhog From Your Home?

How to Get Rid of Groundhog From Your Home?

To keep groundhogs from invading your home, Complete Animal Removal can identify and seal up any potential entry points using heavy duty materials strong enough to withstand unwanted animals from regaining access into your home.  

Trapped groundhog

Groundhog Removal

If you've found that a groundhog has invaded your home or property, Complete Animal Removal offers professional wildlife removal assistance. Our Wildlife Specialist are trained on groundhog behavior enabling them to quickly and humanely trap and remove your unwanted groundhog. Contact us now for a professional groundhog removal service.