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Fox Removal Service in Tennessee

How to Identify Red fox and Gray fox Tennessee?

How to Identify Red fox and Gray fox Tennessee?

There are two different species of fox in Tennessee, the Red fox and Gray fox. These shy nocturnal canines can sometimes be mistaken for a small dog with their triangular shaped ears and elongated muzzle. Both the Gray and Red fox are very similar, with the only differences being their color and the Red fox is slightly larger in size. Although they are omnivores other small mammals form the bulk of their diet, but will also eat fruits, berries, and plants. 

Problems Caused by Fox

What Are the Problems Caused by Foxes?

Fox can be beneficial when it comes to controlling rodent populations, however having a fox roam around your property can cause various issues. Fox can sometimes disturb and even prey on small pets, as well as destroy landscaping by digging up lawns. Fox are known to carry rabies and mange, however not all fox carry diseases but any scratches or bites should be treated immediately by a medical professional. Finally, if you have seen a fox around your property, home owners should supervise their pets while outdoors until the fox can be removed. 

Fox Removal

How to Get Rid of Foxes From Your Property?

To keep Fox from invading your home, Complete Animal Removal can identify and seal up any potential entry points using heavy duty materials strong enough to withstand animals from regaining access into your home. 

Fox Removal

Fox Removal

If you've found that a fox has invaded your home or property, Complete Animal Removal offers professional removal assistance. Our Wildlife Specialist are trained on fox behavior, enabling them to quickly and humanely trap and remove your unwanted fox.