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Armadillo Removal

What is an Armadillo?

What is an Armadillo?

·     There are 21 species of armadillos in the world, but the only armadillo found in Tennessee and even the entire United States is the Nine-banded armadillo.

·      The Nine-banded armadillo cannot curl up into a ball like other species of armadillos.  

·     The armadillo can be tan to greyish-brown with an oval shaped body.  

·     Armadillos have a long, tapering and almost hairless tail.  

·     The armadillo’s snout is pointy and pink and they have sticky tongues, similar to anteaters.  

·     Armadillos have a carapace, which is a tough, armor-like shell with 7 to 11 bands around the center of the body.  The legs of an armadillo are built for digging and are short with long, sharp claws.

How many armadillos are in my yard?

How many armadillos are in my yard?

·     The nine-banded armadillo reproduces in early summer and lasts around 2 to 3 months.  

·     These armadillos always give birth to quadruplets.  

·     Their fertilized egg breaks into four identical zygotes, which produces 4 identical babies.

·       At birth the young armadillo’s carapace has not yet hardened which leaves them vulnerable to predation.   

·     Each armadillo burrow can have up to 6 armadillos living in it at a time.  

·     Young armadillos will venture out on their own around 6 to 12 months after they are born

Armadillo Damage

Armadillo Damage

·     Armadillo damage can result in expensive repairs to a lawn, driveway, sidewalk, air conditioning unit or even your home.  

·     Armadillos are constantly digging in search of food.  

·     An armadillo will destroy a yard over time and the lawn will need to be fixed. 

·      Since armadillo burrows go down 15ft deep and can be 15ft long, they cause air conditioning units to sink in, sidewalks to cave in, driveways to crack and even the foundations of the home to crack.  

·     Armadillos carry the bacterium (Mycobacterium leprae) that causes leprosy in humans.  It is thought that the only way to contract leprosy from an armadillo is by eating an armadillo or coming in contact with an armadillo.  

·     If you have a dead armadillo in your yard, do not handle it.  Call Complete Animal Removal to remove and treat your dead armadillo.